• Gallery Games

    For Tel Aviv Museum and Orna Porat Children's' Theatre educational program:

    Illustrated map for gallery games and activities.

  • A Mad Tea Party

    For the exhibition "It's all about Alice", created specifically for the Israeli Illustration Week.

    This Illustration was selected to compete in “The Audience Favourite” contest held by The "50×70" gallery.

    September 2016, Unity Art House

  • Hi, welcome !

    My name is Raya Gov and I am an illustrator.


    I love reading, and illustrating books contributes to my experience as a reader - visualizing the story and emphasizing the message.


    In my illustrations I give much thought to details and aim to make the imaginary world of the text vivid and real.

    I graduated with M.A. in Contemporary Art from the University of Liverpool and graduated from Beit Berl College, Teacher of Art and Art History.



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